the designated poodle walker

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the designated poodle walker, originally uploaded by wacky doodler.

banksy is incredible


today was

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today was great. after i got kelly’s bike fixed up for her at the bike cave and riding around san marcos, i came back to the apartment and we loaded up our bikes in the back of the VW and headed up to austin. he needed to stop by a library at UT to do some arabic research, and i needed to take pictures for an assignment in my urban geography class.on the way up, we picked up alex and headed up to UT campus. after parking and splitting ways with andy, alex and i took off on the bikes to go meet jennifer at the art building. we hung out for a bit with jen and i planned out what pictures to take for my project(and she showed us around the studio:  and then started riding up town over to hancock center, where i got a lot of the pictures i needed:  
    after that, we came and picked up jen at her apartment, and took off across town to hang out for the night. all in all, a wonderful evening. i know this is pretty boring, but i’m just trying to get into the habit of blogging more. posts down the road will hopefully be more introspective. 

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